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artist :
title :
Conforming To Abnormality
origin :
style :
Death Grind
format :
number :
CD 08-1482
licensed by :
Relapse, 2008
Irond Ltd.
buy it on:

Lenzig - vocals
Steve - guitar
Zac - guitar
Jawsh - bass
John - drums

01. Anechoic Chamber
02. Jihad
03. Analytical
04. Wither
05. Regalos de Mota
06. Extreme of Paranoia
07. A.Z.T.
08. Waiting for the Millennium
09. Live at Your Moms House
10. Exhumed Remains
11. Britches
12. The Struggle
13. Trailor Park Meth Queen
14. Phantom Pharter
15. Strung out on Viagra
16. Perversions and the Guilt After
17. Stepped in Cow Shit Blues
18. Father Pederast
19. Once More with out Feeling
20. Untitled
21. Untitled
22. Shut Up
23. Novacaine (Re-Installing Teeth)
24. Shrump Po' Boy
25. Celebrate
26. Occular Penile Recepticle
27. Daves Lunch
28. Untitled

Total time :  47.00
originally recorded in January 1998, @ Bedlam hell
studios- Denver, Co by Mike Shocket. It was mixed
by Kirby Orrick in February 1998 @ For the man
studios- Denver, Co and was mastered by Brian Muth
in May 1998 @ the Recording workshop- Chillicothe
OH. Lenzig provided Cookies and screams, Steve
played Guitar and Bass, Zac Played guitar and bass
and yelled here and there, and John played the
drums.Perversion and the guilt after ( tracks
9-28) was originally recorded, mixed, and
mastered, (and half written), in 2 days in March
2001 By Kirby Orrick @ FTM studios- Denver, Co.
Brian Goldberg did the vocals on the track
"Perversion and the guilt after". While everyone
got a chance to yell, scream, and bark throughout
the recording, most of that was handled by Lenzig.
Jawsh supplied the low-end and personally applied
distortion to it. Steve and Zac played guitar, and
John was the drummer. Both recordings we're
re-mastered by Dave "I might as well get my hands
on everything you've recorded" Otero under strict
scrutiny by Steve in October 2007 @ Flatline
audio- Denver, Co. Track 29 was conceived and
written by Tzalk Jeu and Sven Goldenrod. Guitars
by Stephan Zoidberg.. Vocals by Jewsh Melon,
Shitwood, and Slack Ho. It was produced, mixed and
mastered in October of 2007 very violently by the
aforementioned people, who were just mentioned
herein, who will furthermore be known as "those
guys right over there". No animals were used
during the recording of these albums, although
several were vicariously injured during the
mention of the recording process. All artwork,
layout, concept, and design by Orion "see what
happens when you fuckers leave me alone" Landau.
Executively produced by Matthew" I used to have
cool middle pseudonyms, but now I'm a hippy living
green in northern Oregon" Jacobson. We love you
all and are once again honored to have yet another
album on the best label in metal. Thank you. Extra
special thanks goes to Rafaela and Carlo for
believing in us in the first place and taking a
chance. Even through all the drama and years of
friendship I hope you are as proud of this as we
are. We couldn't have done it without you. It's
officially been ten years at the time of this
writing since Conforming was originally recorded
and released and it's been an amazing trip for us
and the 15+ members who have been along for the
ride in the 15+ years of this bands existence.
We've seen scenes, and bands come and go many
times, and unfortunately a handful of good friends
and family as well, which is continuously the
hardest part. It's always great to see the people
who have stood the test of time and reason (which
is one of the best parts of all this for sure),
and of course all of the new friends we've met
along the way, and especially the children, wives
and girlfriends that have (fortunately for us)
become so prominent in our lives, and have
graciously handled everything this hurricane of a
lifestyle has thrown at them. Thank you for all
the support, hospitality, inebriates, laughs,
great music and memories you've given us over the
years. It truly has been worthwhile, (when the
hell did we become so goddamned emo? Must be the
old age.) Here's to the next ten years, because
without you we are ^_-nothing. Thanks for

В любом деле есть свои новаторы, и свои последователи. Интереснее, конечно же, первые. Взять хотя бы Cephalic Carnage. Образованная в Денвере (Колорадо, США) в 1992 году, эта группа сумела расширить рамки такого, казалось бы, узкого стиля, как grindcore. В 1993 году появился первый состав группы, в котором сменяли друг друга многие музыканты, также замеченные в таких командах, как Origin и Molester. Они записали первое демо, 'Scrape My Lungs' - нечто невообразимое, созданное под влиянием (и с использованием!) grindcore, death metal и марихуаны. Вторая демо-запись, 'Fortuitous Oddity', тоже очень хорошо принятая в андеграундных кругах. А дебютный полнометражный альбом 'Conforming To Abnormality' поражает нехарактерными для такой музыки чистотой звучания и техникой игры, которая была ничуть не хуже, чем у признанных мастеров death metal! Отзывы на альбом были исключительно положительными. Они вдоль и поперек объезжают Америку, между делом принимая участие во всех сколько-нибудь значимых метал-фестивалях (Milwaukee Metalfest, Dallas Grindfest, March Metal Meltdown, Ohio Deathfest, Denver Hatefest, November To Dismember, Relaspe Contamination Fest, SXSW Festival). В ходе поездок ребята вошли в контакт с представителями Relapse, которые тут же предложили им стать членами своей "семьи". И вот, после нескольких успешных релизов там, в 2008 году, появилось переиздание от Relapse Records альбома 'Conforming To Abnormality' (1998). Сделано новое сведение, ремастеринг, новое оформление диска и добавлена куча бонус-треков!

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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