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r e l e a s e s

artist :
title :
Morbid Florist
origin :
style :
Grind Noise
format :
number :
CD 06-1117
licensed by :
Relapse, 1993
Irond Ltd.

John Kozik
Seth Putnam
Tim Morse

01. Some Songs
02. Song #5
03. Chump Change
04. Slow Song From Split 7"
05. Unbelievable
06. Siege
07. Grateful Dead
08. I Don't Wanna Dance
09. Even More Songs
10. Radio Hit
11. Some More Songs
12. Morrissey
13. Song #6
14. Guy Lombardo
15. Bonus Track

Total time :  17.39
Recorded Septeml>er 20th, 1992, at Iguana Studios,
Weymouth, Massachusetts Produced by Tina Morrisey
Back cover photos by John Tucci. Live photos by
Kurt Hubert on the Morbid Florist tour, 1993.
Thanx to Bill and Mart at Relapse and Bill T.

The Morbid Florist Story
The original reason we did this recording was to
be a demo for Earache Records. Earache originally
wanted to sign us in early 1989 after they heard
our first 7", 88 Song E.P. At the time we weren't
all that interested in being on a label. After a
while we had lots of 7"s out that were all out of
print and people had a hard time finding them
because they were on such obscure labels. We
decided we wanted to be on a label with better
distribution, and that would keep our releases in
print. Earache and Relapse were our two main
choices. Earache wanted to hear some new stuff by
us. so we went into the studio to do a new
recording. This CD is the result of that
recording. It was the first time we went to a real
recording studio since 1989 (with the exception of
a 1991 recording which no one has except Tim and
I). We had done a whole bunch of recordings on a
four-track recorder, plus regular cassette
recorders. Earache liked the recording and signed
us to a seven record deal. We went with Earache
over Relapse because at the time. Earache was a
bigger label. Earache wanted to use this recording
as side one of our first record, but we didn't
want to. We had this tape lying around doing
nothing, and Relapse wanted to put it out, so it
came out as the Morbid florist EP.
Why It's Called Morbid Florist
Relapse at the time was known for putting out
mostly death metal releases. So to make fun of
that, we used a typical scary death metal word
like "Morbid," and we wanted to follow it with the
least scary word possible. It came down to "Morbid
Tennis Court" (we wanted the cover to be Satan and
David Vincent playing tennis) and "Morbid
Florist." Lots of people thought the title had a
meaning to it. but it didn't. Some people thought
that it was about undertakers because they make
money from llowers at funerals. Some people had
even dumber ideas about it. A lot of people also
thought that the man on the cover was our drummer,
Tim. It's actually Pete Shelley from the cover of
his Homosapien 12" single. He was the gayest
looking person 1 could find in my record
collection that day.
The Recording
Originally, we planned on having two guitarists on
this recording (John and myself) to give it a
thicker sound. Unfortunately. John got kidney
stones the day of the studio and had to go to the
hospital. So Tim and I ended up going to the
studio alone. I actually played all the guitar
parts. I also played bass on 4 songs (song #5,
sons' #6, Grateful Dead, and Radio Hit) and piano
on one song (song #5). John was pretty bummed out
that he didn't get to play on it. He offered to
pay for 1/3 of the recording (the recording cost
was $315) if he could get credited for playing
guitar on it, so for S105, he got his photo on it.
This recording marked the beginning of a different
direction for A.C. This was the first A.C. release
to have "actual songs" on it (song #5, song ttf>.
Grateful Dead, and Radio Hit), and the first to
have song titles. All previous recordings were
mostly made up on the spot. Songs like Some Songs
and Some More Songs are what our older stuff
sounded like. It was also the first A.C. record
that wasn't recorded live in the studio. It was
slightly hard over-dubbing the vocals on the noise
/ blur songs because I had no idea how the songs
went since they were made up on the spot.
The Songs
1. Some Songs - Standard old sounding A.C. songs.
2. Song #5 - First A.C. song with real music. Long
and slow. Lyrics are about an ex-girlfriend.
3. Chump Change - Intro part was originally
recorded on our split 7" with Seven Minutes of
4. Slow Song From Split 7" - Slow part was
originally on split 7" with Seven Minutes of
5. Unbelievable - Our version of that fucking gay
song by E.M.F.
6. Siege - Medley of Siege songs (Drop Dead, The
Pentagon, and Death and Ta.\e\) mixed with A.C.
blur songs.
7. Grateful Dead - Another song about an
ex-girlfriend. This song has nothing to do with
the Grateful Dead.
8.1 Don't Wanna Dance - The intro is my Eddy Grant
impersonation of his song / Don't
Wanna Dance. 9. Even More Songs - More blur /
noise / shit / garbage.
10. Radio Hit - It's called this because it was
our most generic sounding song, and I figured it
would probably be the only A.C. song to get played
on the radio. 1 originally didn't want A.C. to use
it since it didn't really fit our sound, but I
liked it. so we kept it. Lyrics are about an
extremely annoying individual.
11. Some More Songs - Some more songs.
12. Morrissey - More blur / noise stuff. I said
"Morrissey" during the intro because I saw a
Morrissey concert the night before.
13. Song #6 - A song about various girl problems.
14. Guy Lombardo - Another old song, the last song
on our 88 Song E.P. "Guy Lombardo" is slang for
someone's stomach.

The Bonus Track
This song wasn't put on the original pressings of
Morbid Florist because Tim was screaming during
the song while playing drums. 1 thought it sounded
stupid so we left it off. His voice was going
through the drum mikes, so it was impossible to
get rid of his voice without fucking up the drum
sound. Since Relapse was planning to re-issue the
CD with a jewelbox cover, I thought I might as
well throw it on. The bonus track was mixed on
September 15th, 1997, by Bill T. Miller and 1 at I
leadroom Studios.
So that's the story of what some consider our best
release. Tim and John have been out of the band
for a while now. and Anal Cunt continues on with
new members.
- Seth Putnam, 5 years later. September 20tli,

Anal Cunt - бостонская группа, основанная в 1988 году, чтобы показать людям, как не надо использовать музыкальные инструменты. Она привела в шок и без того экстремальный андеграунд как своим названием, так и дебютным мини-альбомом '5643-tracked EP', который содержал пять тысяч песен, оказавшиеся сплошным не дифференцируемым звуковым валом. С самого начала Anal Cunt заработали титул "самой омерзительной группы в мире". Взять, хотя бы, названия их песен. "Я столкнул твою жену под поезд метрополитена", "Я явился вовремя и проголосовал за Гитлера", "Диктаторы - это круто", "Rancid - дерьмо (И Clash - дерьмо тоже)", "Когда я думаю о настоящих панк-рок группах, я подразумеваю Nirvana и Melvins", "Семейное насилие - это очень, очень, очень и очень весело!", "Я послал съемки концентрационного лагеря в передачу самых забавных американских домашних видео", "Я послал открытку с благодарностью тому типу, который тебя изнасиловал", "Крис Барнс - манда" (Крисом Барнс - вокалист Six Feet Under)... Чтобы избежать проблем, в своё время было изменено название песни, посвященной Эрику Клэптону и его сыну (который в трехлетнем возрасте вывалился из окна сорокового этажа): "Конор Клэптон покончил с жизнью самоубийством, потому что его папаша чмо". Anal Cunt, однако, полюбились публике. За десять с небольшим лет своего существования они выпустили около двух десятков разнокалиберных релизов, многие – на весьма солидных лейблах, например, Earache и Relapse. Их встречали на гастролях в Европе и Америке, в Японии их популярность не знала границ. Они стали не просто ярким музыкальным явлением, но и не отторгаемой частью экстремальной сцены. Музыканты Anal Cunt играли в таких составах, как Executioner, Bratface, Shit Scum, Post Mortem, Impaled Northern Moonforest. Они выпускали совместные пластинки с Patareni, The Raunchous Brothers, Meatshit, 7 Minutes Of Nausea. В 2001 году группа прекратила существование. В октябре 2004 года вокалист Anal Cunt Сет Патнэм (Seth Putnem) впал в кому после передозировки комбинацией седативных и наркотических средств. По мнению врачей мозгу Сета была нанесена непоправимая травма. Предполагалось, что он проведет остаток дней подобно овощу, но в 2006 году вдруг появились слухе об очередном альбоме Anal Cunt. Пока же вашему вниманию предлагается один из ранних релизов группы, неоднократно переиздававшийся ‘Morbid Florist’, проверенная временем классика. Слушайте самое последнее переиздание с бонус-треком и историей создания этого альбома, напечатанной в буклете!

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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