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     страна : Hungary

       стиль : Dark Wave

     contact:  website  e-mail

Gabriel Wolf (music composing, male vocals and lyrics)
Stephanie Kiss (female vocals)

Trilogy of the Night CD (Irond) 2002 8 tracks

Bio by Gabriel Wolf. ("Gabriel Wolf" is a translation of my real name (Farkas Gabor) to English. because the people in foreign countries can't pronounce my real name correctly, that's why I've chosen this easier version) I live in Budapest, Hungary. Infra Black (gothic industrial metal band). I started the music composing in 1990. That times I was composing some kind of gothic industrial music. This is interesting because that times I didn't know both music styles! I was only listening to darkwave bands. (in Hungary it was very hard to get CDs or LPs from foreign countries in the 80's) The bands what were inspiring me were The Cure, Sisters of Mercy etc... I founded the idea of the Infra Black project (my first band) in that year, which name means the style of that band too. "infra" means futuristic, sci-fi music etc...and "black" means dark, gloomy mood etc... I didn't know, this is some kind of gothic industrial music, because I've never heard of these two music styles before... I was working alone that times, and trying to find my final style with this project. I only had a cheap synthesizer and these early demos weren't too good I think... (especially their sound quality) I composed about 30 songs in those years, but only about 12 songs remained from that ages... The "Beginning" album is a compilation of these early songs. I've never sent this CD to record labels, because I don't think they are so good. In about 1995 I could get some industrial CDs and I discovered this style. I realized this is an existing music style what I'm trying to compose (or create)... Two years later I started to work with computer and I created the first real Infra Black album, called "Light from the Deep". My older brother (B. Freak) joined my project as a guitar player. He's a professional guitarist..he was learning guitar playing for about 10 years. He had other bands before...for example "Hokozpont", which was an alternative/darkwave band. The first Infra Black album was finished in 1998. It was an industrial album, but a very dark and strange one... I've sent it to record labels, but unfortunately none of them released it... The second album was called "System". I made it in the next year in 1999. It was even stranger than the first one. Some of the people appreciated this album very much, because it's really individual. But the style of this album is really far from the typical industrial music style. So maybe that's why it wasn't released by any labels. But I got some good reviews for this album from magazines... The Flow (gothic industrial band). In the same year in 1999, I started my second project, called "The Flow". (flow means "wolf" if you read it backwards) This project is more gothic and less industrial, so not the same like Infra Black. But similar. I finished the first five track CD (or Ep) in the same year. Which was called "777". Maybe I don't have to mention it, this album wasn't released by a label too. This project is a little bit different than the Infra Black project. But it's also very special. (maybe too special) I don't know, why any of the labels didn't want to release it. Maybe it wasn't good enough, or maybe it was too individual and the labels didn't want to release a risky album? In the same year I made a third album. (the third Infra Black album, called "Immortal Realm".) Half of it is a remix album and it also contains new songs... After a year I made the second Flow album, called "Malak". (which means "angel") (this Flow project was some kind of dark religious project. These two albums based on some themes from the Holy Bible. Their covers looked like maybe a Satanic cover. But their wasn't... These albums and themes were about some kind of dark side of the christian religion.) In that year I made the fourth Infra Black album, called "Tentacles of Armageddon". I think that album was the top of my strange/dark musical world. (until that date) It had the same mood as the earlier albums, but it was technically much more professional. A friend of mine joined the project for this album as a lyric writer. (he's name is Raasnio. He lives in Kansas (USA). He has several (about 8) bands (mostly industrial). He wrote the lyrics for the Tentacles of Armageddon album (except two, what were written by me). This was the first album what was very close to the releasing. I got good reviews for this album. All the people said it's a very professional album. And maybe the most complicated music what they've ever heard! (this is true, it's very complicated) But they also said it's hard to understand it. And it's not danceable enough. Maybe that times, the industrial pop style (or dancefloor industrial style) was starting to be very popular. And unforunately the labels weren't seeking for dark industrial albums (what are very horroristic and crazy too, like Infra Black). One year later I directed a music video, called "Lost Soul". (the song was taken from the Tentacles of Armageddon album) In 2001 a good surprise happend. John Caldwell asked me to compose music for one of his books. That was a big honour, because he's the most famous fantasy writer in my country. (he is a fourty years old writer and lives in Debrecen...in East-Hungary) He became a well-known writer in the early 80's. Most of his books from those years are cult books nowadays in this country. (for example "Chaos" and "Trilogy of the Night") He has a book publisher company called "Cherubion" what is existing since about 1990. Maybe he is also the most creative writer in Hungary, because he wrote about 140 books! (I haven't read many of his books because there are so many! It would take years to read all of them.) ....He knew my music projects earlier and liked my albums very much. He asked me to compose music for his book "Chaos in Drenland". Which was a new episode of the Chaos serial. (the "Chaos" serial is maybe his most popular book serial. That's an action/dark/fantasy book serial what is existing since the early 80's.) This album, is called "Infra Black - Drenian Symphonies". It's a compilation of my earlier songs. With new intros, and intermezzos between the songs. (what were based on the story of the book) This was my first album what was released "officially". It was released by the book publisher, as a CDR album. We sold a lot of copies of this album, and it made me much more famous (in my country) than I ever was. It was released at the beginning of 2001. Right after I finished the album, I started to work on a new one. I was working on the next album for 10 months! (This was the Infra Black - Bloodchaos double CD) I also made it for a book, with the same title "Bloodchaos". It was the next part of the Chaos serial (after Chaos in Drenland) What is the most special in this "book-CD" conception is: John was putting me into the Bloodchaos book, as one of the main characters! The character, who looks like me, called "Gabri Elwolf", who is a young magician in the novel. Later in the story, this character (me) becomes a mighty magican... a Demon Magician (he will be the God of the Drenians). He's demonic name is "Kargil Yhron". These two names, gave me the idea of the "Ywolf" project. (Like: Kargil Yhron - Gabri Elwolf..........Yhron - Elwolf..........= Ywolf!) So the name of the Ywolf project is based on the Bloodchaos book (what tells a story about me, how I had become a mighty Demon Magician....of course this is just a fantasy story.... fiction....) When I was working on this album, Stephanie Kiss joined the band as a female singer. She has her own band, called "Chautauqua'". (that's a "world fusion" band. Some kind of mix of alternative, world music and jazz) She is a professional opera singer (and also teaching opera-singing). I liked her voice in her own band, and asked her to join my band. The Bloodchaos book and the double CD was released almost at the end of 2001. (it was also released as a CDR album by the book publisher company) I think this album was my first album what was really popular. Everybody liked it in Hungary who have listened to it. And the people in foreign countries also liked it. When the book and the CD was released, the people were very curious, what is this all about... What's the connection between me and the book, and the CD etc.... By the way, a popular radio station is playing my songs very often (Radio GFM). They are playing my music since about the Infra Black - System album. (since about 1999) There are just a few underground teams here in Hungary, but that radio station is a very good one. I met "Sky Sora" some years ago, who has a radio show at that radio channel. He asked me, to give him some CDs because he likes my music very much...I gave him my CDs, what I had that times, and he always playing my songs in his show. This Bloodchaos album was also popular in his show...he played a song almost every week when he was running his show. By the way this is an internet radio too! www.gfm.hu It can be heard world-wide...So this radio show made me more popular too. (Together with the first two "book soundtracks", Drenian Symphonies and Bloodchaos.) After I finished the Bloodchaos album I also sent it to Tomi Kalliola (his a famous black metal composer in Finland....leader of several bands, like "Azaghal", "Hin Onde", "Valar", "Wyrd" etc....). He liked the way I'm singing on the Tentacles of Armageddon album and on the Bloodchaos album too. He told me, he's planning to create a new black metal project. He asked me to sing in it. Of course I said yes.... Finnugor (symphonic black metal band). Our name "Finnugor" is a language family. Long time ago, the people from Finland and Hungary came from the same language family. (Finnugor means Finnish-Hungarian. We call this thing "Finnugor" here in Hungary. The finnish people call it "Finno-Ugrian" language family. But both of them means the same) So, because Tomi is Finnish and I'm Hungarian, that's why we came up with the idea of this band name. (to refresh the ancient connections between our nations) The first album, called Black Flames was finished at the end of 2001. We didn't have a conrete conception for that album. It wasn't a book soundtrack. We just wrote various dark fantasy and horror stories for the song lyrics.... But this "without conception" thing was one of the luckiest things what has ever happened to me.... Later I sent the Finnugor CD to John Caldwell (he's a big black metal fan). This Finnugor CD became one of his favourite albums... Once upon a time, some weeks later at a morning he started to write a fantasy book called "Fekete Langok". (that means "Black Flames" in English) The whole book was based on the Finnugor song lyric "Behind the Mirror". The song lyrics are printed in the book at the very beginning...And every chapters begin with quotations from the Finnugor song. The book was released about 2 months later, after we sent the Finnugor CD to him. This book one of his darkest and most special books what he has ever written. The book became a popular best-seller fantasy book in Hungary. I think they've alredy sold all the copies... what was about 20000 copies. I could also get a copy very hardly, because most of the copies were sold at the beginning. The book made us (me and Tomi) some kind of legendary black metal group... (in the army of the John Caldwell fans...not world-wide of course) Unfortunately in Hungary there aren't a lot of black metal fans, but the people who like black metal, I think they've already heard about this album. On the Finnugor album, I wasn't just a singer what we were planning originally with Tomi. I wrote a lot of lyrics (for example the Behind the Mirror lyrics too) and I composed 4 gothic songs on the CD too. I think maybe this 4 gothic songs on the Finnugor CD gave me idea to create a gothic project. Ywolf (dark gothic/folk band) (members: Gabriel Wolf (music composing, male vocals and lyrics) and Stephanie Kiss (female vocals). I've chosen the "Ywolf" name for this new gothic project. (from the idea of "Yhron - Elfwolf" from the Bloodchaos book) It was based on the other most popular book serial of John Caldwell, called Trilogy of the Night. (That's a book trilogy about the story of "Cherubion Saga I-III") There was also one more trilogy for this serial, but those weren't so good I think. Its title was "Trilogy of the Dawn". I had a conrete conception for this Ywolf project. I wanted to make something (in the gothic style), what is melodic and dark enough, but not boring! Most of the gothic bands are too slow nowadays. Beautiful melodies, interesting mood etc... But too melancholic and slow most of them. When I ask somebody, does he like gothic music, they use to say "yes, it's good, but a little bit boring". That's why I made the Ywolf project as interesting(?) as it is. Or as colourful as it is, with a lot of themes and with mostly fast rythms... Stephanie was featuring on this first Ywolf album as a female singer, but I made everything else alone. (like earlier) I was quite sure, this album will be released by a label, because it turned out really good. Well, frankly I have to say, I'm a little bit sad about that, I didn't start to make gothic music earlier... Maybe if this Ywolf was my first project, everything would be easier in the past... Because I'm maybe better at gothic music composing than techno industrial making. I don't know. (some people like the Infra Black albums better, but most of the people says this Ywolf album is my very best) Aconitum Vulparia (cosmic / ritual dark ambient). After the first Ywolf album, I came up (again) with a new project called "Aconitum Vulparia". My first album (called "The Breathing Womb of Hell") was finished in this month (June of 2002) Right now I'm looking for a dark ambient label for this album. The conception of the album is about the Antichrist who will reborn very soon. Nowadays he spends his time in the Womb of Hell as an Embryo... This album is a very dark one. Maybe the darkest album what Ive ever made. ....and I'm working on the second Ywolf album these days. (with the title "Night of the Werewolf".) This one based on various John Caldwell horror and fantasy books. Not on only one book. And one song is based on my own novel what I wrote together with a friend of mine. Unfortunately Stephanie isn't featuring on this album (maybe on the next one), but instead of her two great stars are featuring as singers: Tomi Kalliola (from Finnugor) and Nagy Andras (from the most famous Hungarian black metal band, called "Sear Bliss".) We are also planning to make a second Finnugor album with Tomi in this year. I hope we can make it.... And my biggest plan: John's company started to work on a computer game nowadays. It will be ready within about 3-4 years. That will be a big work! The game is based on the Chaos book serial. It will be a monumental fantasy game (with about 10 CDs!!!!). The story is Hungarian, but the game will be released and produced by a German company. John asked me to compose the music for this computer game. It's not sure yet...because maybe the German people at the company won't think this is a good idea. Maybe they want somebody else to compose the music. But I hope they let me to make the music for the game, because that would be a great chance to for me. (the game will be released world-wide. It's title will be "Word of Chaos")

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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