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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Heavy Metal

     contact:  website  e-mail

Fan-club: 123481 г. Москва а/я 18

Артем Стыров - вокал
Юрии Алексеев - ритм-гитара
Алексеи Харьков - бас-гитара
Александр Карпухин - барабаны
Сергеи Маврин - соло-гитара, ритм-гитара,клавиши, синтегаторы, аранжировки

Смутное время 10 tracks Moroz 1997
Скиталец 12 tracks Classic Company 1998
Неформат 11 tracks 1999
Химический Сон 10 tracks Irond 2001

SERGEY MAVRIN doesn't need any special presentation to the general public. After his joining ARIA this band records the three universally recognized best albums: 'A Hero of Highway' (1987), 'Playing with Fire' (1989) and 'Blood for Blood' (1991). In February 1995 Sergey Mavrin leaves the band. Since the moment he becomes a finally free, absolutely standing apart and quite noticeable personality of home rock. He is an outstanding musician, a serious composer and a dashing arranger that has founded his own band. -'We came to an agreement with the line-up very quickly: Granovski (a bass player of MASTER) was the closest man that Valery Kipelov (ARIA's vocalist) suggested. There was also an idea to invite Tolik Shender (a drummer of MASTER) but I suddenly thought of Chinyakov (ex-HELLRAISER) - he had worked with Antonina Ghmakova at Ruond and with us in ARIA - during 1987-1988 we had drunk and traveled together so much that he agreed easily...' So the first solo album of SERGEY MAVRIN was recorded with very famous and highly professional musicians, including Valery Kipelov of ARIA on vocals. The first album 'Time of Troubles' was sold in quantity of 100.000 MCs in two months. The first edition of CD's - 3000 copies was gone from Moroz Records storage during the first evening!!! 'We beat ARIA that time by the quantity of sale...' 'The work under the second album started at the time I submitted Moroz material for 'Time of Troubles' - November 4, 1997 and on November 4, 1998 we finished the album and took Master tape to 'Classic Company'... While listening to 49-minute 'Wanderer' I recommend you to put aside all other activities and to draft into it, like into clear but alive and stormy ocean of sound variety. I would like to dissociate my work from any other music style as I just want to write songs and not to stick to any definite style. To a far extend the definition of style is a work of musical critics if they like it. There are no limits for me I just do everything I like. To tell the truth, I don't know myself what I will write tomorrow as it's boring to write the like things all the time - we change with every moment and it's naturally that our life views are also varying.' In 1999 the third solo album of SERGEY MAVRIN was released. 'Neformat' was self-released CD and MC and has a little bit weak production and distribution, so with his new work Sergey decided to cooperate with professional record company - IROND Records. The latest album of SERGEY MAVRIN 'Chemical Dream' was released on IROND late 2001 and immediately got very good reaction from fans (especially from old ARIA's fans) and musical critics. It supporting by all kinds of media (press, radio, TV and Internet) in Russia and outside. Now you can check it by yourself and make your own decision about this great album of SERGEY MAVRIN!

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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