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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Heavy Metal

     contact:  website  e-mail

Алексей Булгаков - вокал
Андрей звездный - гитара
Станислав Козлов - бас
Сергей Еранов - ударные

Апокалипсис 1986 MC
Knights of cross (Death City) CD 1992 9 tracks
1980-1987 (Moroz Records) CD 1996 13 tracks
Дай мне имя ()CD 1997 9 tracks
У окна () MCD 2000 39.00 8 tracks
Пророчество (Oracle) CD 2001 (Irond) 47.21 9 tracks

Антология христианского рока в России "Не бойся войти в храм", 1990 г.
Хард-рок баллады из России "Mystery", 1993 г.
Поколено "So Day", 1996 г.
Москвалика русский трибьют Metallica "Enter Sandman", 2000 г.
Контрудар "Письма в Эдем", 2001 г.

LEGION band was founded back in 1979 by Oleg Tsarev, Alexey Bulgakov, Alexander Zvetkov and SergeyKomarov. They recorded first 6-songs demo-tape in 1981. It was very good melodic hard-rock, but the band couldn't start making some concerts because of KGB prohibition. In 1984 Alexander Zvetkov was replaced by 2 guitarists: Alexey Chernyshev and Sergey Stashkovitch. In this shape LEGION made their first live concert in "Serp & Molot" club that was stopped by militia. Only "perestroyka" helps the band to escape jailhouse - in 1986 LEGION was officially registered as a musical band in the Soviet Ministry of Culture. The second demo record 'Apocalypse' was made in June 1986 and was very good selling on tapes all over USSR. This album bring big success to the band, so they started touring a lot. In 1989 LEGION's line-up had big changes, so Alexey Bulgakov was seeking for new musicians more than 3 years... Only in 1991 the band returned to the big scene and recorded the new album 'Knights Of Cross' (the only album of LEGION with English lyrics) that was released by PolyGram Russia on LPs in 1992. This album was very soon sold-out in 10.000 copies, but unfortunately didn't released outside of Russia. Due to many requests from the fans the band decided to re-issue their old songs on the compilation CD '1980-1987'. This album was dedicated to Oleg Komarov (he was killed in 1990) and Oleg Tsarev (died in 1993). Next studio albums 'Дай Мне Имя' ('Give Me The Name', 1997) and 'У Окна' ('At The Window ', 1999) were only for Russian fans and have Russian titles lyrics. In 2001 the band returns with brand new work - 'Пророчество' (Prophecy') CD that shows good-quality melodic hard-rock with elements of heavy and power metal. All lyrics for this album was written in Russian again. In support of 'Prophecy' CD LEGION is going to make big tour in Russia and some ex-USSR countries.

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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