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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Avantgarde Gothic Metal

     contact:  website  e-mail

Band contact:
c/o Alimov O.V. Tolmachev Str. 11-82
Ivanteevka, 141282, Moscow region, Russia.
Phone: 6 96 00

Seven Art Music:
P.O. Box 1, 11020, St. Christophe, Aosta, Italy.
Phone/fax: 0039 0165 541464.

Western Management Harold Dekkers:
Kruisstraat 2, Box 201, 3000, Leuven, Belgium.
Phone number: +32 16 207525
E-mail: dekkers@imec.be

Oleg Alimov - vocals
Dmitry Kezhvatov - guitars
Dmitry Lobanov - bass
Sergey Ponkratiev - guitars
Roman Shmelev - drums

The Sketch On The Forest Theme demo 1993 4 tracks
She, The Oldest One And Her Odourless Nous With Excruciating Oestrus To Full Indifference
demo 1994 4 tracks
Maxims Of The Oldest One demo 1995 4 tracks
Re-Vision (Seven Art Music) 1999 42.50 9 tracks
Heart Of The Way 2001 (Nostradamus) 7 tracks 57.06
Disangelium CD (Irond) 2002 44.01 6 tracks

One of the most successful Russian band, ENS COGITANS, have managed to pleasantly surprise the listeners with every new album. Nine years of common efforts converted the band from pretentious newcomer into formed professional musicians with own distinctive manner of playing, with tons of mentions in metal press, with numerous admirers all over the world. ENS COGITANS was born on 19 February 1993. Oleg Alimov - vocals & keyboards, Sergey Ponkratiev - guitars, Dmitry Lobanov - bass & acoustic guitars and Roman Shmelev - drums were forming techno-progressive metal act on the ruins of preceding thrash metal band CRUCIFIXION. No doubt, in that times young conquerors of underground were under strong influence of DEATHROW 1988 _Deception Ignored_ album. The aim, they are always reaching after, is creation of own brilliant way of non-boring metal. For making it real musicians are using all their skill, own vision of world and blending of wealth of various styles in one powerful metal sound. Of course, it didn_t come as it is. ENS COGITANS started in 1993 with debut demo _The Sketch On The Forest Theme_, containing four tracks taken from first full-length album _Experimentum In Corpori Vili_. Though it was primary step, ugly_n_clumsy, anyway, Russian underground got known new formation, remarkable by complex song_s texture. Moulding went on. Young Moscow label FINAL HOLOCAUST Records turn its eyes on hopeful band, and early in 1994 ENS COGITANS recorded second rehearsal demo _She, The Oldest One And Her Odourless Nous With Excruciating Oestrus To Full Indifference_ containing tracks for planned 7_ EP, but suddenly label folded up, and it remained as another demo. Obviously, Russian classical heritage has exerted on the band a huge influence. Astonished by boundless melodism of Musorgsky and absolutely unpredictable character of Stravinsky_s works, ENS COGITANS was working on their style, inweaving symphometal, many-voiced arrangements and touches of doom. As to lyrics, both demos constructed on questions of man_s relationships with himself and his environment. For the first time such a noticeable magazine as MORTICIANUMSKULL (Holland) published big interview of Cor Snijder with the band. All it in sum got ENS COGITANS in 1995 to enter professional TEF Studio (Moscow) and record first studio demo _Maxims Of The Oldest One_, incl. tracks taken from second never released full-length album _Search Of Kalokagathy_. And again there were a lot of positive feedbacks. A capital review by Russell Smith is appeared in mighty TERRORIZER Magazine (UK). ENS COGITANS progressed throughout their first three demos, each of which enriched from improved soundrecording and mature tunes. All in all, it wasn_t enough for musicians, and they started to think about full-length album of good quality for deserved worldwide promotion, but... unexpectedly drummer left the band. They stayed three-pieces team, looking for new members. In June 1995 Dmitry Kezhvatov joined the band as a second guitarist, and during autumn 1995 musicians found an additional female vocalist Irene Rusakova. Dmitry brought fascinating, catchy way of second guitar playing, and Ira - romantic atmosphere into male collective. Boosted with new musicians ENS COGITANS tookn a more melodic turn, this time with only transparent allusions to technometal. In April 1996 ENS COGITANS took part in annual Russian metal festival Deathrider, where musicians tested new songs. Reaction was great, work was completed, so, with the help of returned Roman, they entered Red Rose Studio (Moscow) and responded with their unique full-length album, the band_s most artistic creation for the time - _Heart Of The Way_ Actually nobody, even musicians themselves, didn_t expect such a marvelous result. Doom oriented more than ever, _Heart Of The Way_ strikes down by own personality and sensuality. One year of never-ending motion Through The Moonlight and Search Of Inner Poise, 50 minutes of unpredictable Stone Rill flow, six mysterious flashes of Fire From Within, 48 channels of soundrecording - it_s all about _Heart Of The Way_. Lyrics of album based on stories about life_s circulations between worlds. Promo of album has got splendid reviews in underground press all over the globe, and in the same year, with the help of editor of MorticianNumskull, HAROLD DEKKERS, ENS COGITANS signed a contract with independent Italian label SEVEN ART MUSIC for 2 Cds, but debut CD, due to some financial (as f**king always) problems was not issued then. Inspired by new international horizons, ENS COGITANS, after first summer vacation, proceed to new stuff, played live a lot meanwhile. They didn_t want repeating of previous work and wrote something more heavy-oriented, called _Breath Of The Ground_. Unfortunately, the label_s business didn_t go right way, and this album seems to be unreleased too. A bad luck has spread the wings over the band, and little by little erstwhile community melted away in day-by-day life. It_s intensified by departure of bass player Dmitry. He signed contract and went away to work in one of the Dutch circus_ orchestra. It didn_t prevent him to work on all next ENS COGITANS songs though. All his vacations in Russia are became studiosessions for the band. In that time of long, constrained, silence Oleg and Sergey set up new computer-based project OVERSUN. They recorded new material on their own P&A DS Studio, and early in the year 1998 they put out self-released CD _Pinnacle_s Obsession_ under the mark of NOSTRADAMUS Records. New technical possibilities opened new directions of development and during the current year musicians practically by two of them were creating new ENS COGITANS album, permeated by exquisite elegance and symbolically entitled _Re-Vision_ It seems, they have forgotten, that they_re metalists and dissolved in the air to transmit for everybody delightful beauty of Essence. This inwardness of the band manifested itself in the grand, harmonized pieces of art like _As I Want_, _Dying In Your Hands Again_, _In My Single Day_, _Falling_. Computers, computers, computers everywhere, but it_s still metal and... another step to achieve the Goal! Seven Art Music (Italy) + Nostradamus Records (Russia) released that fantastic album in August, 1999. Meanwhile Dmitry Kezhvatov, very enthusiastic by punk, joined one of the popular Russian punk band TARAKANY, and settled own ska punk project PRAZDNIK. Drummer Roman Shmelev didn_t lag behind. He joined another punk band CHERVONNA RUTA. And both Dmitry and Roman are taking part in rock band ZALEX. As to Oleg and Sergey, they didn't forget about their OVERSUN project, and in summer 2000 Nostradamus Records has put it out brand new album _Tragedy Of Time_ in CD format. The album came out more aggressive and strong, to be highly approximately described like mix of Fear Factory and Chemichal Bros. They proclaimed it: "New computerized assault of feeble sheep's life". And finally, in the year of 2002 ENS COGITANS recorded brand new album _Disangelium_, which name may be translated as _Baneful News_ The band worked at this album over the year in own digital studio and ,well, it resulted in definitely most heavy and aggressive band_s work ever. It_s impossible to describe this piece of art, better one time listen to it. And all the albums are absolutely different, very diverse, but yet created by one creative force _ ENS COGITANS. With these guys you never know where them lead you to...

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