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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Shock Horror Metal

     contact:  website  e-mail

Kрок "Крокодил" -drums (1997-
Александр Дронов -Keys (1999-
Blackie Spears "Бензопила" (Orthanc) -vocals (1999-
Пан - bass (1997-2000)
Протеус - guitars (1997-
Дерсу Узала (2000-

Demons Of Guillotine демо 1999
Сладкая Розмари MC (Demons productions) 2000
Сладкая Розмари CD (Irond) 2001

The band was formed in 1997 by Proteus and Pan (both from the cult True Black metal band MOR) under the name DEMONS OF GUILLOTINE. Very soon they hired professional drummer Krok from the well-known Black Metal band THRON (they released highly acclaimed CD-album on Metal Agen Records in 1998). After recording 5-songs demo tape they got cult status in Moscow underground, so they played sold-off concerts in support of IMPALED NAZARENE and CHILDREN OF BODOM in St.Petersburgh (more than 800 fans) and CRADLE OF FILTH in Moscow (more than 1.500 fans)! In January 1999 new frontman was invited in the band - Vadim "Blackie Spears" from ORTHANC. Vadim is real showman and he introduced many elements of Shock Metal in the music of the band. Each live appearance of the band was just like scandal, so their concerts always were sold-outs. In December 1999 the band got the fifth member - famous Alxander Dronoff on keys. Alexander is a cult person in Russian rock music - he started in 70s in a super-star rock band ZEMLYANE, and then played in progressive-metal band VALKYRIA and also END ZONE. With this line-up the band changed their name to shorter THE DEMONS and recorded their debut album 'Sweet Rosemary'. In the end of last year Pan decided to leave the band and was replaced by Dercy Uzala from SATARIAL. Since then THE DEMONS made a lot of shocking live appearances where played songs from 'Sweet Rosemary' album and also some new stuff that can be described as a mix from KISS, THE PRODIGY and KMFDM! Now Blackie Spears working on his solo album that will be out early next year. Also new studio album from THE DEMONS will see the light in the spring of 2002.


LABEL (IROND Records Ltd.):
"Irond", Korukhin Andrew, P.O.Box 55, R-113525, Moscow, Russia.
Tel./Fax: + 007 (095) 217-3115 ; 217-3039 ; 217-3099.
Web: http://irond.narod.ru
E-mail: irond@m5.ru ; korukhin@chat.ru .


Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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