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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Pagan Black Metal

     contact:  website  e-mail


Agafonov Alexey, P.O. Box 17, 117313, Moscow, Russia.
Контакт: Россия 117313, Москва, а/я 17 А. Агафонову

LABEL (IROND Records Ltd.):
"Irond", Korukhin Andrew, P.O.Box 55, R-113525, Moscow, Russia.
Tel./Fax: + 007 (095) 217-3115 ; 217-3039 ; 217-3099.
Web: http://irond.narod.ru
E-mail: irond@m5.ru ; korukhin@chat.ru

Lesiar - vocals
Aven - keyboards
Mikhail - guitar
Valera - guitar
Alexey - drums
Alexander - bass

"Nahaimal" (1996, demo, 6 tracks)
"Black Glory" (1996, demo,7 tracks)
"Kniga Velesa" (1998, demo, 9 tracks)
(1998, demo, 12 tracks)
"Golos Krovi" + "Kniga Velesa"(1998 - re-recorded demo, 19 tracks)
"Veles" (1999, CD-R, selfpublished; MC, CDM Records, 9 tracks)
"Koleso Chernoboga" (2001, CD, Irond Records, 14 tracks)
"Dreams Of Northern Sea" (2002, CD, Irond Records, 15 tracks + multimedia section)

BAND: Butterfly Temple
TITLE: Wheel Of Blackgod (Koleso Chernoboga)
STYLE: Slavonic pagan folk/doom
LABEL: Irond Ltd.
RELEASE: April 3rd, 2001.

INFO: BUTTERFLY TEMPLE was formed in early 1995 by Lesiar (vocals), Aven (keyboards) and
Mikhail (guitars). Back then BUTTERFLY TEMPLE was a doom metal side project of the
musicians. After one year of rehearsals, the first demo tape, entitled "Nahaimal", was
recorded. BUTTERFLY TEMPLE's music of that period of time can be classified as
anti-christian doom metal with slight avant-garde influences. A bit later all other
projects by the three members of BUTTERFLY TEMPLE collapsed and this musical trinity
concentrated on this one only. At the same time some changes were made to the band's
ideology and concept. The members turned to Slavonic pagan beliefs and, of course, this
crucial decision affected the music itself. In 1996, second rehearsal demo entitled "Black
Glory" was recorded. This tape was not exactly a demo but rather a home recording and
hence it was not promoted between zines and labels.
First widespread demo tape, "Kniga Velesa" ("Book of Veles") was recorded two years later,
in the early 1998. It contained 8 songs of Slavonic metal - mid-tempo mixture of doom and
black metal with lots of traditional themes. Several months later another demo was
recorded. It was entitled "Golos Krovi" ("Voice of Blood") and it had more doom metal
touches than black metal. In the middle of 1998 "Golos Krovi" and "Kniga Velesa" were
re-recorded and self-published on one 90-minutes split demo tape.
During the October 1998 - February 1999 BUTTERFLY TEMPLE was recording their debut album
"Veles". The album reflected the work of the last two years. 5 totally re-written old
masterpieces and 4 new tracks were included in the album. Also it contained cover version
of majestic MOONSPELL's "Alma Mater". "Veles" featured 45 minutes of unforgettable
Slavonic atmosphere, its melodies varied from Slavic epic war hymns to dark and mystic
enchantments. Strong clean male and euphonic female vocals reinforced the overall
perception of the album. "Veles" got very positive response in Russia (for example, 5 from
5: RockCity - the biggest Russian metal music magazine) was re-issued in MC format by the
local CDM Records.
The second album was recorded in the beginning of 2001 and it was entitled "Koleso
Chernoboga" (stands for "Wheel of Blackgod"). "Koleso Chernoboga", unlike "Veles" which
was dedicated to the light side of Slavonic pagan, turned a bit more on to the dark side
of Slavic ancient beliefs; therefore music became faster and closer to dark, aggressive
and more in the vein of black metal rather than doom metal.

- The second album of the cult Russian pagan folk/doom metal band
- Many guest musicians took part in recording session, including professional folk male
and female singers and a saxophonist!
- Their previous album got excellent reactions from Metal press and fans
- BUTTERFLY TEMPLE took the 5th place in Best Russian Metal Bands pole (more than 50 bands
were in the list)!
- "Irond Records Ltd" is the leading Russian metal label who has exclusive license
agreements for Russia and ex-USSR countries with Nuclear Blast, Avantgarde Music, Last
Episode, Napalm Records, Prophecy Productions, Black Mark and few others.

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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