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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Power Metal

     contact:  website 

For more information on The Arrow, please send a legal size. self-addressed stamped enve
The Arrow Fan Club
P.O. Box 123592 №6

Andrey Khramov -Vocals
Pavel Blischenko -Keyboards
Andrey Sedletsky -Guitars
Victor Astashov -Bass
Alexey Bykov -Drums

'Children Of Gods' (Irond, 2001)

ARROW (ex-Black Arrow) is a well-recognized Moscow band. Black Arrow was established by Pavel Blischenko (Blackie) in Moscow city on November 24, 1994. In two months guitar-player Sergei Knyazev was found through advertising. And the band started preparing material for their first program. By that time their unique sound was created: wild guitar riffs, lyrical and sparkling solos, aggressive keyboards, not to mention dynamism, that made the band stand apart from the alike ones. At the end of 1995 Pasha and Co met Yuri Pashkovski. As his attempt to become a vocalist wasn't a success, Yuri was approved as the band manager. With his help Valentin Dobrovolski (Imbecile, Val), a man to whom nothing but drum-kit existed, was found. Thus the band acquired some sort of possibility to rehearsal in quantity of three. At the same time on July 12 birthday of V. Kipelov was celebrated at Manhattan-Express club, where almost all metal publicity presented and where a phone number of Dima Mertsalov, a bass player, was obtained with some effort. Unfortunately, all these events coincided with a chain of straying and moving from one rehearsal base to another. By that time the first program "Flying high live" was prepared, it consisted of such songs as: Children of Gods, Mystery, Saver, Jewel Roads, Never return. The next step was an invitation of vocalist Andrey Khramov. On October 26, 1996 Alexey Arzamazov from Shadow Host gave Pavel a call and suggested that they should play together during a concert. On an epochal date of November 2, 1996 Kings of Metal Party at R-club gathered about 350 men. A shower of lively power-metal that combined incompatible elements of thrash with lyrics and melody was poured on them. Gradually by means of rumors and stories Black Arrow became legendary and mythic. A concert at CDM made one of the most remarkable events in the world of home metal during the last 5 years and was a climax of the band's efforts. This event gathered about 1500 fans - almost a fantastic number for a modern metal concert. In February of 1997 the band, tortured by numerous contradictions, made their performance during Death Rider festival a complete failure and after it the first line-up split. And that's when the band opened its new 3-year period of development. The creator and leader of the band Pavel Blischenko saw the reason of the split in lack of possibilities for the future development and inability to switch to an absolutely new level of activity. He made a decision to build-up Black Arrow personal studio. Along with this a thorough audition for a new line-up was hold as only two old members (Pavel and Alexei) remained. Since August 1996 to September 1999 various Moscow musicians contributed to the band. In October guitar-player Andrey Sedletski from thrash-band Kraitzer joined the band and on October 16, 1999 they began recording sessions of the first album. Their style - melodic speed-power metal is made heavier by thrash sound, while the leading idea of classic metal remains. In modern life of multi-style ideology The Black Arrow slogan, taken from its song:... Devils never die and still they go, On looking back impossible to stop..., sounds uncompromisingly and roughly but this is the only way for true and cheerful metal that helps fans to survive, live and fight on to stay alive.

'Children Of Gods' (Irond, 2001)
Rel. 11/2001

Beyond The Eternity
Metal`s In The Air
Children Of Gods
Jewel Roads
The Final Gate
Power Of Illusions (bass solo)
Lady Nite

Andrey Khramov -Vocals
Pavel Blischenko -Keyboards
Andrey Sedletsky -Guitars
Victor Astashov -Bass
Alexey Bykov -Drums

Produced by Pavel Blischenko
Recorded by Alex "Uncle Lesha" Budanov
Engeneered by Dmilry "That'll take some time..." Volgin
Mixed & Mastered by Gennady Lapenko
Recorded and Mixed at Black Cat Records, Moscow

Art Direction & cover concept: Pavel Blischenko
Photography: Blackie
Art Work: Vladimir Sockov

The Arrow Management: Alina "Chooha" Roslova for
Black Cat Records (Moscow)

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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