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     страна : Usa

       стиль : Ambient Gothic

     contact:  website  e-mail

John Prassas - guitars (1999-
Danielle Lang - vocals (1999)
Rebecca Cords - vocals (2000-
Nick Platz Copernicus - drum programming (1999-

Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water CD (Accession) 2000
The Eros Of Frigid Beauty CD (Irond) 2002

"Diva-X-Machina II" CD compilation (Cop Int) 199?

Aesma Daeva began in Minneapolis, USA when the solo project of the classically trained guitarist J Prassas (162) began to enlist the production assistance of N.Copernicus (0dark:30). Their first efforts produced the 0dark:30 remix of the 162 song. "Darkness". Which appears on the Cop Int. Compilation Diva-X-Machina II. As the collaboration between Copernicus and Prassas began to take on a life of its own it became apparent that the project was becoming something unique and different from either their original projects. Aesma Daeva stands for a unique blend of dark Metal and hypnotic electronics adorned by the powerful operatic female vocals supplied by the also classically trained vocalist Rebecca Cords. Aesma Daeva's debut album. "Here lies on whose name was written in water" combines heavy hitting tracks such as. "Stay", "Down Vain" and "Odeath (rock me asleep)" with a conceptual album feeling with atmospheric, meditational and hypnotic tracks like "Sanctus", and "Communion". "Here lies on whose name was written in water" is an in expansive experience from beginning to end. Rich with power and emotion that will be savored by fans of many different genres. It was released by Accession Records this September 2000. In 2001 Aesma daeve got a deal with russian company Irond Records & second album The Eros Of Frigid Beauty CD (Irond) released in early 2002! Music reminds Avrigus, The Gathering & Kate Bush, it is mix between darkwave, progressive metal and suicidal electronic in vein of Skinny Puppy.

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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